Ned catches Brad and Terese together

Terese sees Paul heading to the police station, and realises her plan is in motion. But she’s guilt-ridden when Amy breaks down over her dad’s situation. An overwhelmed Terese breaks down in front of Brad, confessing that she’s helped set Paul up. Brad’s shocked, and torn over whether to keep Terese’s secret. Meanwhile, as news of Cecilia’s testimony spreads, Lauren still holds out hope that Ned will find a way to rebuild his relationship with Brad. But when Ned spies Brad and Terese sharing an intense moment, he misinterprets it, fearing Brad is betraying Lauren.

Before Walter can introduce himself, a guilt-stricken Toadie introduces him to Sonya as his client, ‘Mitch’, who was just about to leave. Given little choice, Walter heads off. Later, Walter admits to Steph he’s struggled to get clean for years but vowed he would reach out to his family when he did. When Steph gently encourages him not to give up, Walter reaches out to Sonya who still thinks he’s Toadie’s client.