Lauren decides Ned should help Piper go through Josh’s belongings. They soon develop a strong bond as Ned introduces Piper to the virtues of tattoos as mementoes of lost loved ones. She talks Ned into giving her some ink anyway, putting them on a collision course with Brad.

Mark tells Sheila that Alison’s mother, Jackie, intends to pursue legal action. Meanwhile, Xanthe’s in a world of pain as the online insults pile up so Sheila tells her to fight back. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel when Saffron approaches but it’s bad news when the label issues a cease and desist. Later that day, the true depth of Xanthe’s despair is revealed as she begins to troll herself.

Paige tells Tyler she’s attracted to John and she’s consumed with jealousy when she discovers John and Amy enjoying a coffee together. Snapping, Paige is close to revealing how she feels but when John questions her behaviour, she says she misses their shared mission and they’re suddenly refocused as a call comes through – someone might have the answers they seek.