Ned gets a surprise visitor

Ned is surprised when his old high-school girlfriend Kirsten comes to visit. But he’s in for an even bigger shock when he discovers Kirsten has a young son called Mickey, and Ned is the father. Ned can’t believe it when Kirsten dumps Mickey on him for a few days before taking off. Knowing he’s in big trouble, Ned begs Janae for help.

Frazer is determined to find out how his younger brother Paul died. But he’s disillusioned when his mum Prue refuses to acknowledge his injury, and wonders how he can approach the past with someone who can’t accept the present.

Rosie intervenes and manages to get Prue talking, but even then she only reveals minimum details. Prue reveals that Paul died tragically when he was a baby, but she sees no sense in dragging up bad memories. It seems to Frazer and Rosie that there’s a lot more to what happened than she will admit.

Steiger returns from the Solomon Islands, but Janelle worries when their romantic reunion is cut short by him suddenly falling ill. A trip to the hospital reveals that he contracted a mild dose of malaria overseas, thanks to dodgy Doctor Stone prescribing him too small a dose of anti-malaria tablets!