Ned is caught in the act

After Frazer is seen with a wad of cash, Max wrongly blames him for the theft at the Scarletbar. But Ned clears Frazer’s name when he covertly returns the money to the till, although unfortunately, Katya catches him in the act and freaks out.

Carmella and Rosie are at each other’s throats at number 30, with Rosie puzzled as to why Carmella now fancies Will’s brother Oliver, following Will’s sudden disappearance. However, the sisters soon forget their disagreement when they receive a shocking letter from their father in prison informing them he’s dying with just days to live.

Paul offers Rosie a job at Lassiter’s and reassures her that he just wants to be friends – he’s no longer hoping for romance. Flattered, Rosie promises to consider his offer of full-time work.

Still getting over Steph, Toadie throws himself back into his work, reclaiming all his cases back from Rosie who protests and accuses him of feeling threatened by her. But she’s furious when Toadie reacts by threatening to fire her.

Also, Elle is fed up with Dylan’s jealousy of her close friendship with Will and fabricates a ridiculous secret about him to keep Dylan quiet.