Ned leaves Ramsay Street

Ned hosts a farewell party for Kirsten at the hospital and is pleased when Miranda and Steve show up and maintain a facade of unity. Ned, Mickey and Kirsten then leave Erinsborough.

After learning Miranda was having a secret affair before they were married, Steve moves out to crash at Dan’s, leaving Bridget devastated. Siding with her father, and disowning her mum, Bridget packs her bags and asks Steve if she can live with him, but is hurt by Steve’s rejection. Not knowing where else to turn, she goes to see Declan and Rebecca agrees she can stay there for now.

Rachel eagerly awaits Angus’s release and suggests to Susan that they invite Angus’s mum and dad round for dinner too. But she is devastated to learn he will not be let out until he has secure accommodation. Rachel appeals to Susan for help, but Susan refuses to let him move in and suggests he stay at local emergency digs. Worried about the fantasy Rachel has built up in her head, Susan urges her to take things slowly with Angus.

Also, Harold makes a hash of inviting Kate to join him on his travels.

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