Ned pines for Janae

Mickey is angry when he finds Ned packing away Janae’s things, and Ned deals with his own hurt by snapping at him. He later finds Mickey unpacking Janae’s stuff in the hope she’ll return. Later, Steve forces Ned to come to terms with his loss and find a way forward. Ned decides to build a go-kart with Mickey to take their minds off Janae and get them through the rough patch.

Libby manages to make Rachel realise that her feelings for Angus were wrong and driven by deeper insecurities, mentioning her past experience with Taj. But Susan is furious with Libby for discussing Taj and Libby stuns Susan by revealing that she is still hurt by Susan’s rejection towards her at the time.

Shattered Susan confides in Rebecca that she always prided herself on being a good mum, but is now questioning her success. Susan ends up reconciling with Libby, but Rachel fears that their relationship is going to be difficult to repair.

Finding it hard to decide whether to meddle in Carmella’s love life, Oliver seeks advice from Frazer, who tells him to stay out of it. And Carmella’s happiness at Marco’s imminent return stops Oliver from revealing what he knows.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 2*

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