Ned pursues Janae

After a clash with Janae, Ned quits as her boxing trainer. But when Ned sees Janae hugging Boyd, he assumes they’re back together and quickly reinstates himself as Janae’s trainer in order to save Janae from making the same mistake with Boyd again.

In an effort to get back into the swing of things, Ned takes Janae to a beach training camp where she endures a marathon run and swim. But it’s too much for Janae and she struggles. Has she drowned?

Sky encourages Boyd not to give up on his medical career, reassuring him that he’s not the only victim of a fraud. Boyd also helps Sky out when the recipient of Stingray’s heart transplant makes contact with Janelle. She refuses to have anything to do with the young man, but feeling emotional and curious, Sky decides she wants to meet him, before having second thoughts.

Lolly bites the bullet and asks Zeke out on a date, but little do they realise that they have to contend with an overprotective Lou and their mischievous mates.

Rachel gets Ringo along to university open day, by telling him she wants to see a plaque honouring her dad. After their visit, Ringo is forced to admit that uni may be a possibility.