Pam admits to Lauren that her harsh treatment of Ned is a way of dealing with Doug’s death. Lauren reassures Pam it’s an understandable reaction, allowing Pam and Ned to make up. But Pam is worried Ned still resents Brad for deserting him as a child and, despite insisting he’s forgiven his dad, we see he doesn’t really mean it.

Terese remains distraught over the appearance of Paul at Josh’s funeral, and refuses to believe he’s innocent. She makes a scathing character assassination of him, and he’s devastated when she tells him she hates him. Later, Steph appeals to Mark on Paul’s behalf to try to clear his name but with Cecilia refusing to testify and Tom still missing, Paul’s hopes of proving his innocence seem dashed.

After Sarah hassles Susan again, Karl decides to try and warn her off but, when she breaks down in tears, he urges her to open up. Desperate, Sarah asks Karl whether he and Susan are in it for the long haul and Karl misinterprets her intent, shocked that Sarah is propositioning him.