Ned struggles to play dad

Janae is won over by Ned’s son Mickey’s charm, but bumbling Ned finds it somewhat trickier to engage with his son. However, father and son soon bond, although Ned’s situation is complicated further when Elle refuses to let Ned and Mickey stay in her house, instead offering them accommodation at Lassiter’s.

Later, Kirsten calls to inform Ned that she won’t be coming to collect Mickey, causing Ned to panic, worrying that Kirsten has dumped the boy on him for good.

Zeke gets revenge on Rachel by kidnapping her childhood toy Crispy, and sending her a message. Humiliated, Rachel lays into Zeke for setting her up. When Zeke and Lolly deny everything, Rachel immediately blames Ringo who isn’t too impressed by being falsely accused. But Ringo is too preoccupied with Carmella to worry about Rachel.

Paul becomes growingly suspicious of Elle when he realises she’s been lying about Gail. Determined to make contact with his ex-wife, Paul insists Elle stop deceiving him.

When overworked Karl misplaces his drug kit, Ringo worries that Carmella may have stolen it. Meanwhile, Susan is concerned that her fatigued husband isn’t coping with his workload.