Ned keeps calm when he discovers Kirsten has returned to take Mickey back, and hopes they can work together on what’s best for their son. But unknown to Ned, Kirsten has lined up a job in Adelaide and plans to steal Mickey away. When Mickey starts to realise that the journey Kirsten is planning isn’t just to the local shops, he challenges her, causing her conscience to kick in. She returns to admit the truth to Ned, and he wonders whether he should let Mickey go. But after a word with Janae, Ned decides Mickey has settled in Erinsborough and prepares to fight Kirsten to let him stay.

As Steph prepares for the council election, Harold tries to interest her in a charitable scheme to assist ex-prisoners assimilate back into the community. But Harold faces tough opposition from Lou and Toadie who don’t want criminals in their backyard.

Toadie worries that Stonie won’t be able to stay away from drugs and he’s proved right when Stonie scores from an old mate in the pub. But when he gets home he is plagued with guilt and throws the stash in the bin.

Also, Riley proves his aptitude with animals.