Ned’s back in Erinsborough!

Has Ned come back for Lauren?

While Toadie’s is urging Brad to up his game and re-propose properly – Lauren hears Ned’s sob story. When Brad returns, late and tipsy, she presses Ned to hide out of sight. He heads off to stay at the motel and Lauren promises to prepare Brad for his return the next day.

Armed with a ring, flowers and good table at The Terrace, Brad ready to re-propose to Lauren. Following advice from Steph, Lauren meets up with Ned and tells him about Brad’s proposal. He congratulates her but when the pair hug, Brad sees them together and wonders why Lauren didn’t tell her his son was back.

Jack tells a sympathetic Amy that he thinks God sent Paige to test him. They grow closer as she listens to his doubts about himself as a priest and helps him out with a young parishioner with cystic fibrosis. Meanwhile, following advice from Lauren, Paige makes Tyler promise no one’s going to get hurt if they mix their new boxing-training regimen with a few “benefits”.