Keen to get ahead in the custody battle, evil lawyer Tim convinces Kirsten to goad Janae into violence and they hatch a plan. Janae is left out as Kirsten, Ned and Mickey play happy families on a trip to the circus, and later, Ned admits to Janae that Kirsten made a pass at him.

Letting her temper get the better of her, Janae confronts Kirsten at the General Store, lashing out and throwing a glass of water over her. After catching Janae in the act, Tim informs Ned that he’s seeking an AVO against his violent girlfriend. Later, Toadie breaks the bad news that Janae’s moment of madness could cost Ned custody of Mickey.

Top barrister Diana Murray agrees to take over from the absent Rosie on a trial basis and enjoys chucking Tim Collins out of the Lassiters office space.

As Elle keeps a vigil by Oliver’s bedside after his kidney operation, Oliver teases her that she’s straying into girlfriend territory, and tells her that he still loves her and wants them to get back together. After thinking it through, Elle reluctantly chooses her head over her heart and, while she still has feelings for Oliver, she realises she has to move on with her life.