Neighbours spoilers: Aaron Brennan confronts killer Cassius Grady in prison

While the Brennan family wait to find out if Tyler will be released from prison, angry Aaron takes out his pent-up rage on killer Cassius...

The Brennan family are still reeling from the shock revelations about Cassius Grady, who has now been exposed as the real killer of hated Hamish Roche.

With Cassius now under lock and key for the murder, Aaron, Mark and Chloe Brennan await news of their brother Tyler’s release from prison, where he has been for the past eight months after pleading guilty to the murder, which he didn’t actually commit.

But during a visit to confront Cassius in prison for all the turmoil he has caused their family, angry Aaron snaps in a rage at Cassius…

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Amy Williams is in a spin after friend Gary Canning confessed he is in love with her!

With Amy’s boyfriend, Dr Rob Carson wanting them to buy a house together, Amy is feeling under pressure. With that relationship on shaky ground, could there be an unexpected chance for Amy and Gary after all?

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