Neighbours Spoilers: Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka celebrate their engagement

Aaron and David celebrate their engagement with a romantic breakfast at The Waterhole. But will the moment be ruined by the actions of Leo and Chloe?

After that super-duper romantic proposal on the beach, Aaron and David decide to make things official with an engagement breakfast at The Waterhole. However, it looks like the couple’s special moment is going to be ruined by Aaron’s sister Chloe and David’s brother, Leo…

Leo and Chloe still can’t keep their hands off each other. But when bossman Leo and executive assistant Chloe start smooching upstairs at the Backpackers they realise boss lady Terese is downstairs and they are trapped!

With both Leo and Chloe missing from the engagement breakfast, Leo and David’s dad Paul and Chloe’s brother Mark decide to investigate. Will the secret lovers be rumbled?

Meanwhile, Bea still thinks Finn is someone called Patrick. But why is she treating him like a hero, someone who saved her life? And how long will it be before Elly discovers the identity of her sister’s new man?

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