Neighbours spoilers: Aaron’s secret is exposed at the pre-wedding party

David and Aaron's pre-wedding party ends in big drama when Aaron blames David's dad Paul for his back injury and storms out of the celebration...

Amy is in Paul’s bad books for her unprofessional behaviour at the construction site with Rob. But Amy’s friend Elly still thinks dishy doctor Rob sounds like a ‘keeper’ and pushes Amy to invite Rob to her brother David and fiance Aaron’s pre-wedding party. But is Amy ready to introduce Rob to her family?

As the pre-wedding party gets underway, Aaron is still trying to hide his back injury from David. But his secret is rumbled when David pulls Aaron to his feet to give their guests a sneak preview of their wedding day dance moves. Shocked at the state of Aaron, David is left reeling when Aaron snaps he never would have hurt his back if business partner and future dad-in-law Paul hadn’t been piling on the pressure at work!

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Toadie and Sonya prepare for baby Hugo’s naming day. And Karl is disappointed when his biological sister Jemima makes it clear she’s not interested in meeting.

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