As Toadie and Sonya’s Rebecchi’s wicked nanny Alice Wells continues with her plan to get former addict Sonya hooked on pain medication, she’s alarmed to discover legal eagle Toadie is looking into the relationship between Andrea Somers and her estranged mum…

Alice panics and realises it is only a matter of time before Toadie and Sonya make the connection between Alice and her conwoman daughter Andrea, who caused misery when she pretended to be Toadie’s late wife Dee Bliss.

Neighbours, Alice Wells

Alice is determined to stop Toadie from discovering she is really Andrea’s mum (Picture: Channel 5)

Determined to get her hands on some incriminating evidence being sent to Toadie from a private eye, Alice sneaks into Toadie’s law office to steal the documents. But when she is almost caught-in-the-act by Toadie’s legal assistant Piper Willis, Alice attacks, leaving Piper lying motionless on the floor…

Neighbours, Piper Willis

Klunk! It’s not looking good for poor Piper… (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Chloe Brennan panics when she hears her older brother Aaron and his husband David are thinking about starting their own family and are going to use Aaron’s DNA.

After weeks of suffering in silence, Chloe drops the shock bombshell she has the incurable brain disease Huntington’s and urges her brothers to both get tested for the gene too…

And after making a terrible first impression on Jane Harris, the new acting principal of Erinsborough High School, teacher Elly Conway finds herself in Jane’s bad books again. What has Elly done this time?

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