Neighbours spoilers: Has Amy Williams got an alcohol problem?

Paul is worried when it looks like his daughter Amy is hitting the bottle to cope with the departure of her teenage son Jimmy.

Amy continues to tell more lies to cover-up her recent shoplifting crimes and claims she’s turned to alcohol since her son Jimmy left and moved to New York. But will Amy be able to keep up the lie when Terese confides in Amy about her own previous battle with the booze?

Meanwhile, nobody has yet rumbled that Bea’s boyfriend “Patrick” is really twisted teacher Finn, back for revenge on those he blames for getting him sent to prison. But could Finn’s obsession with Bea’s sister and ex-girlfriend Elly soon lure him out of hiding?

After a big argument, unsuspecting Bea is touched when Patrick buys her a beautiful dress as an apology for losing his temper. But she’s unaware Elly has the exact same dress. Is Finn starting to confuse the sisters?

And it’s time to vote in the Hospital Board’s newest member. But which competing doctor will it be – Karl or David?

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