Neighbours spoilers: Bea Nilsson and Ned Willis continue to dig for dirt on Cassius Grady

Still shaken by her previous angry encounters with Cassius, Bea persuades Ned to help her dig into Cassius's background...

Ned Willis appears smitten after his late-night kiss with neighbour Bea Nilsson.

However, he’s not on cloud nine for long when she confesses she’s not quite ready to start a relationship with Ned after her scary experience with ex-fiancee, Finn Kelly.

Ned is secretly crushed but respects Bea’s wishes. But keen to spend more time with her, Ned agrees to help Bea with her mission to investigate the background of his half-sister Piper’s shifty boyfriend Cassius Grady.

As Ned and Bea turn detective and use the computer at Lassiters to find some family contact details for Cassius, will they get one step closer to discovering the gardener’s connection to the murder of Hamish Roche?

Meanwhile, still unaware of her boyfriend’s secret past, Piper is all loved-up when Cassius reveals he has some romantic plans in store for her birthday.

And there’s bad news for Gary Canning when the spa manager is turned down for a bank loan, leaving him with a very tricky problem. How will he replace the $100,000 he “borrowed” from dodgy criminal Jeremy Sluggett’s bag of stolen cash?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5