Neighbours spoilers: Can Amy forgive Elly?

Elly tries to make amends with her friend

Elly is livid after her run-in with Mark as she knows he is right – she hasn’t put her friendship first. So, Amy breaks things off with Liam so she can put her friendship with Amy first – but is it too late?

Mishti is still upset over her break up with Leo and takes it out on Piper by giving her an unnecessary fine for touching her phone while driving. Piper realises that Mishti misses Leo and tells her to fight for her man. Mishti takes Piper’s advice – but will she catch Leo and Chloe in the act?

Also, Dipi realises how much damage her actions have caused and decides to reverse the ban on Jake. To make amends even further, Dipi decides to make a social media statement to apologise – but will she make things even worse?