Chloe has been on edge ever since she confided in hospital doc Karl about the medical trials she took part in while travelling in America. The trial clinic has been trying to contact her about some test results, and Chloe is secretly terrified something major is wrong.

And Chloe is right to worry as, when she hears back from Karl, he breaks the shock news that Chloe has tested positive for Huntingdon’s disease – a brain disorder for which there is no cure…

Meanwhile, both Paul and his son Leo are in Terese’s bad books after her discovery the pair plotted together to help Paul woo Terese back. However, after a chat with Ned at Lassiters, Terese begins to see Leo hasn’t treated her unkindly, he was just doing ruthless Paul’s bidding. With their friendship back on track, Leo has another romantic fantasy about his former boss.

Elsewhere, after being given the heave-ho by Terese, Paul throws himself into family life and decides to create a mentorship to help David in his medical career. But how will David feel about being given special treatment?

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