Dipi and Mishti are thrilled to be attending Yashvi’s football match. Shane tells them to calm down, as he needs Yashvi to focus and not find out that a football scout is watching her. The football match gets underway and Dipi is doing a terrible job of keep her emotions in check. In fact, Dipi is so out of hand that she punches a parent from the opposing team and destroys Yashvi’s footballing hopes in a split second…

Meanwhile, David tells Karl that, after his clotting scare, he must begin to wind down. Susan is reeling that Karl didn’t tell her about his condition. Susan takes Karl home and demands that he takes things easy, but it’s clear that Karl is becoming bored and feeling useless. Susan arranges for Clive to give Karl a smaller project to take on – but will Karl push his body too far?

Also, Toadie is fuming after Sonya reveals that she doesn’t want any more children. The pair go back and forth and they both agree to wait six months and see how they feel. Will Sonya change her mind or is she buying herself time to let Toadie down gently?