Neighbours Spoilers: Elly is in a predicament

What will Elly do?

Elly turns to Susan for advice about her date Liam – Amy’s ex husband. Elly tells Susan that she worried about getting involved with another friend’s ex after her experience with Paige and Mark. Elly has a heart to heart with Liam and he assures her that he wants to see where their relationship goes. Elly’s mind is put to rest after their chat, but she has second thoughts when Amy talks about her feelings for Liam…

Also, Karl drops by the Sharma-Rebecchi household and is shocked to find Jane unconscious. Karl manages to revive her and calls Dipi and Shane. Dipi and Shane are furious to see that their backyard has been dug up and demand to know exactly what Jane wants. How will Dipi and Shane react when they finally hear the truth?