Neighbours spoilers: Finn Kelly gets Karl Kennedy suspended from his job

Finn steps up his vendetta against the Kennedy family and does some tampering at the hospital which results in Karl getting suspended from his job!

Karl has been super-excited since getting involved with the MS trial at the hospital, hoping it could help his wife Susan who has the condition. Unfortunately for Karl, twisted former teacher Finn is out to undo all his good work…

Using his position as hospital board member Rita’s assistant, Finn hacks into Rita’s computer and tampers with trial data, which leads Karl to give an inaccurate presentation. As an investigation into the false information gets underway, hospital boss Clive informs Karl he is suspended from his job and the MS Trial is on hold until further notice.

Elsewhere, in the aftermath of firing her weapon at an unseen intruder outside, policewoman Mishti finds herself in trouble and stuck on boring desk duty while her performance with the police is reviewed. But Mishti realises she had a lucky escape considering she once used her police gun to threaten ex-fiance Zander’s killer.

And neither Xanthe or Bea make the sinister connection when they discover Finn/Patrick has taught them both the same mindfulness meditation. Big mistake!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5