Pleased with his meddling, Finn has to deal with a problem closer to home when his already suspicious girlfriend Bea makes it clear she’s had enough of him being her secret boyfriend and wants him to meet the rest of her family. Realising he needs to keep Bea on side, Finn (aka Patrick) unexpectedly pops the question to a surprised Bea and wants them to elope in just a week’s time!

Elsewhere, while Karl’s medical career is under threat because of the bad publicity surrounding his disastrous presentation, the doctor is in for another shock when Rita reveals the MS Trial is being shut down! Karl’s wife Susan feels terrible for him but also for herself, as she’d been holding out hope the trial might lead to a cure for her condition.

Also, Sonya’s returns home just in time to find out the results of the DNA test, and if her hubby Toadie is the father of conwoman Andrea’s mystery baby Hugo. Will it be good or bad news at the Rebecchi house?

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