After narrowly avoiding being discovered by ex-girlfriend Elly when she visited the apartment, crafty Finn/Patrick lets Elly’s unsuspecting sister Bea show him photos of their family. But when Finn sees a photo of Elly and her then boyfriend Mark together, his mood darkens.

Finn steals the key to the garage where Bea now works for Mark, and unbeknown to Bea, gets up out of his wheelchair and heads out with revenge on his mind! What will Bea do when she finds out “Patrick” has been faking his injury the whole time? And just what does Finn have in store for the folk of Erinsborough?

Elsewhere, Steph is planning her big move to Sydney so she can be closer to her sons Charlie and Adam. But when her well-meaning friend Toadie tries to help, his actions threaten to jeopardise the whole thing…

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