Neighbours spoilers: Finn Kelly targets the Kennedy family for payback!

As Susan prepares to enter Karl's MS trial at the hospital, Finn secretly gets a job at the hospital. What does he have in store for the Kennedy family?

As Karl prepares to get the MS trial underway at the hospital, Susan recalls her last attack of multiple sclerosis symptons after nasty Finn tampered with her medication in his quest to replace her as Head of Erinsborough High School.

Bea is horrified when she hears how Finn wrecked havoc with their lives. But when will the penny drop that Bea is actually dating the man the Kennedys are talking about? And just what does Finn have planned for the Kennedy family when he secretly applies for a job as a research assistant at the hospital?

Across the street, Toadie fancies some hanky panky with wife Sonia. Trouble is, she’s not really in the mood, until Sonia sees hunky gardener Cassius at work, which suddenly puts the sparks of passion back into the couple’s relationship!

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