Neighbours spoilers: Gary Canning confronts a mystery man following Xanthe

Things get heated when Xanthe suspects somebody is following her. So her dad Gary steps in to confront the mystery man. What's going on?

Xanthe is convinced she is being followed and panics when she sees the same familiar car outside the school. Could it be twisted former Erinsborough High School teacher Finn Kelly back for revenge again, after failing to kill Xanthe in the hit and run horror?

Determined to protect his daughter, Gary steps in to confront the driver of the car. But Xanthe and Gary are in for a big surprise when they discover the man is a private investigator looking into Xanthe’s recent accident insurance claim after her emergency hospital dash after being rundown by Finn. Gary and Xanthe can’t believe it when they later discover Xanthe is due a $220,000 insurance pay-out!

After rumbling her sister Bea’s late-night walks with neighbour Ned, Elly finally gives her blessing to Bea and ex-boyfriend Ned. But what is the status of Bea and Ned’s relationship? The pair are strictly just good friends as far as Bea is concerned. But do Ned’s feelings run deeper?

Meanwhile, Mark is not impressed when he discovers his sister Chloe has another paid-date lined-up. He storms into The Waterhole to interrupt the date and exposes Chloe’s date as a married man! When her client does a runner, Chloe is furious over Mark’s interference.

And Karl continues to investigate the Kennedy family tree but is surprised when a ‘close family match’ is discovered!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5