Paul is confident that the bluff deal he offered Terese will put a spanner in the works in her relationship with Gary, as he is sure that Terese won’t be bought out. Terese thinks about Paul’s offer but he turns it down, refusing to walk away from Lassiters. Gary feels blind sided by her decision, but Terese tries to make it up to him by taking him to Lassiters for a romantic night away, but when Gary catches Terese with Paul, he ends their relationship.

Meanwhile, Aaron is overjoyed after kissing David. He thinks that things with his ex must be back on track, so he is left perplexed when David doesn’t show up to his birthday party. Is David having second thoughts about the relationship?

Also, Elly has decided to date again and finds a potential suitor via an online dating site. Amy encourages her to meet up with the mystery man. Elly has a great time, but when Mark finds out, he seems to be jealous…