Neighbours spoilers: Find out how Cassius once saved Piper’s life

Cassius has another flashback to his past and it is revealed he was the mystery man who rescued Piper from the bush last year!

Things are heating-up between Piper and her new fella Cassius, as the couple plan to spend their first night together. However, making-out at the same place where you used to live with your ex-boyfriend is probably not a good idea. So when Piper finds herself in the backpackers’ loft with Cassius, she’s reminded of her ex Tyler and it’s a total passion killer!

Luckily for Piper, Cassius is completely understanding. But as the pair snuggle-up close, the gardener has a flashback to a moment last year, when he saved Piper after she got lost and collapsed in the bush after unsuccessfully trying to reunite with Tyler. So Cassius has known Piper a lot longer than she realises! Does this make him a stalker… or her saviour?

Meanwhile on Ramsay Street, ex-policeman Mark is less-than-impressed over his sister Chloe’s arrest for stealing the Ramsay Street signpost. He can’t understand the reasons behind her self-destructive behaviour. Will Chloe reveal what’s going on?

Plus Gary and Amy enjoy a day out together at a doughnut expo. With both of them unlucky-in-love lately, Gary pushes Amy to accept a date with Dr Rob, convinced the couple are compatible. Will Amy give Rob a chance?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5