After Amy finds out about Elly’s date with Liam, things between the three of them become awkward. Amy turns to Steph for comfort and tells Steph she’s hurt that Elly didn’t tell her about the date sooner. Later, Elly and Amy have a heart to heart and Elly says she won’t be going on any more dates with Liam. How will Amy react to this?

Meanwhile, Jane is distraught to hear that her Nan has passed away and feels guilty, as she was halfway around the world when it happened. To cheer her up, Paul surprises Jane with the painting of Mrs Mangel from the hotel lobby. However, there is more than meets the eye to the painting…

Also, Sonya asks Chloe for an extension of the rent for Toadie’s office, when the couple are hit with unexpected childcare costs. Chloe isn’t happy with Sonya’s request as she has already given Toadie an extension on his rent previously. What will Toadie and Sonya do?