Neighbours spoilers: Is Elly making a mistake?

Will Elly lose her friendship with Amy?

Elly is enjoying her newfound romance with Liam but can’t stop thinking about Amy and if she really has no problem with the relationship. Meanwhile, Amy tells Mark that she isn’t comfortable with Elly seeing Liam…

Things are awkward between Chloe and Leo after their night of passion. When Terese attempts to have Chloe fired again, the pair decide to keep their relationship completely professional. The pair admit that sleeping together was a mistake, but will it be a mistake they make again?

Also, Dipi is continuing to remain stubborn and refuses to lift the ban on Jake, the man she punched at Yashvi’s football game. She tells everyone the lack of business is due to the success of Gary’s food truck, but Shane has had enough and gives his wife a piece of his mind. He tells her she is ruining their chances of being the face of Lassiters. Will Dipi change her mind about Jake’s ban?