Jane hatches a plan to get Dipi and the family out of number 32 for the night. Jane convinces the entire family to head over to the Face of Lassiters competition and, when they are gone, she starts digging up the backyard in a quest to find the fireplace. While digging, though, Jane accidentally strikes a cable and gets an almighty electric shock…

Liam is stunned to see Jimmy and how grown up he is. However, Jimmy isn’t interested in making conversation with his father and tells Amy about Liam’s surprise visit. Leo takes an instant disliking to Liam, while Amy is shocked to see her ex. She gives Liam a piece of her mind for abandoning her and Jimmy, but Liam wants to make amends and presents her with two cheques, claiming that he is now a legit businessman.

Liam attempts to reach out to Jimmy but fails miserably. Amy also tells Leo she’s happy for him to do business with Liam if it all makes sense. Will Leo accept Liam’s business offer? Also, it seems that Liam and Elly already know each other….