Neighbours spoilers: Is Sindi telling the truth about Toadie’s secret son?

As Toadie and Sonya's marriage is rocked by the baby bombshell, can the couple be sure Andrea's friend Sindi is telling the truth?

When Sonya discovered Toadie had a one-night stand with imposter Andrea, the Rebecchi marriage almost didn’t survive. So now the relationship is on rocky ground again following the shock revelation Toadie is the father of Andrea’s baby!

A DNA test will confirm if Andrea’s friend Sindi is telling the truth. But until then, Sonya isn’t sure what to think or what to tell the couple’s young daughter, Nell, about the mystery baby.

Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Mark Brennan is suspicious about the return of his love rival Ned Willis. He’s convinced Ned is back for ex-girlfriend Elly Conway. But Mark has got it all wrong, as later Ned finally confesses to Terese Willis the real reason he’s back in Erinsborough. He’s in love with someone… but it isn’t Elly!

Also, a business war is brewing when Terese deliberately blocks Paul’s latest business dealings.

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5