Neighbours spoilers: Is Toadie Rebecchi falling for Andrea Somers again?

After their roadtrip together to Hepburn Springs to meet mystery man Ian, Toadie is starting to think Andrea is a changed woman. Better watch out, Toadie!

Andrea Somers has claimed she can help Toadie Rebecchi track down his long-lost wife, Dee Bliss, who was believed to have drowned back in 2003.

But she also has an ulterior motive to get close to Toadie and their baby son, Hugo again, and is secretly in contact with her mum Heather Schilling (aka Alice Wells, the nightmare nanny who almost bumped off Toadie’s wife, Sonya).

Toadie has begun to believe there is a possibility Dee could still be alive and that Andrea genuinely wants to help.

But little does he know, she’s in cahoots with Ian, the man who claims to have mistaken Andrea for lookalike “Karen” several years ago.

Ian has left Andrea with a photo of him with the mystery woman who looks just like her. What is Andrea planning to do with the photo?

Neighbours, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Terese has warned Vance to pack his bags and get out of Erinsborough. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, it’s d-day for Vance Abernethy.

Terese has warned ex-lover Vance to leave Erinsborough after she discovered he’d sold her fella Paul Robinson a stolen racehorse.

With Terese still threatening to call the police, Vance breaks-up with Terese’s family relative, Roxy Willis and then shares his own goodbye with Terese.

But in the emotion of the moment, old feelings resurface as Terese and Vance share an extended hug… unaware that Paul is watching. Uh-oh.

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