Karl is on the up. His relationship with Susan is getting better and he’s enjoying his new job. At the lab, he notices an anomaly with participant 18D’s blood sample. Karl believes the participant could be suffering from blood clots. Karl does some investigating and discovers the identity of the patient could be Shane. Is Karl right?

Ben is left stunned at Xanthe’s decision, as he doesn’t understand how she can say that she loves him, but break up with him. Xanthe sticks to her guns and says that she must put her schoolwork first and Ben eventually understands. Afterwards, Xanthe makes a promise she may not be able to keep…

Also, Amy walks in on Jimmy and his new girlfriend Poppy kissing. Amy is mortified and turns to Toadie for advice. However, Dipi overhears the conversation and believes Jimmy was kissing Kirsha! Dipi and Shane organise a sit down with the teens and Amy and it’s clear they have their wires crossed. Meanwhile, Jane offers to tutor Kirsha. Does she have an ulterior motive?