Karl is feeling down in the dumps after discovering his long-lost half-sister Jemima is not interested in exploring a relationship with him. But Karl’s wife Susan urges him not to give up hope.

After discovering a work address for Jemima in a nearby town, Karl and Susan head off on a road trip in search of Jemima. But Karl’s in for another disappointmet when they arrive at the address only to discover the the house is abandoned. Will Karl give up the search for his sister?

Paul is still shocked by David’s wedding day rejection. But not even fiance Aaron or David’s brother Leo can change his mind. David is determined that Paul face up to how his actions effect others. And after a stern word from his ex ladyfriend Terese, Paul realises he may have some apologising to do. But will David let Paul back into the wedding party?

Meanwhile, Terese, back in Erinsborough after a trip to Los Angeles, must deal with her confused feelings towards both Paul and his son Leo.

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