Neighbours spoilers: Liz Conway claims she was mugged by Finn Kelly!

Everyone reels when Liz claims she was mugged by Finn! Is the twisted former teacher still on the loose in Erinsborough watching their every move?

Liz is still trying to get back in the good books of her daughters Elly and Bea, after the shock revelation Liz booted Bea out of the family home aged 15 because Bea reminded Liz too much of her ex, Lars.

With some help from sister Susan, Liz invites Elly and Bea to join her for lunch. But once again, Liz manages to make the conversation about herself, annoying Elly and Bea. Down in the dumps after the disastrous lunch, Liz drowns her sorrows in The Waterhole.

But things take an alarming turn later, when Mark finds Liz wandering around in the dark, looking disoriented. With the contents of her handbag strewn across the ground, Liz tells Mark she was mugged… by Finn Kelly!

Meanwhile, after his chat with Ned, Leo finds himself fantasizing about Terese! He can’t seem to get Terese out of his mind, especially after he finds the pictures from the photo shoot Terese and his dad’s former fiancee Courtney did. What is Leo going to do about his forbidden love-crush?

And Aaron finds himself in a difficult position when fiance David puts his foot down about all the promotional obligations Aaron’s sister Chloe has planned for their Big Day. Will Aaron have to sack Chloe as their wedding planner?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5