Neighbours spoilers: Mark Brennan discovers Susan Kennedy’s SHOCK secret!

Mark starts to suspect Bea was behind Finn's clifftop fall. But the ex-copper is in for shock when Bea's aunt Susan confesses all...

Mark Brennan may have been kicked off the police force for tampering with evidence, but still the ex-copper can’t seem to resist investigating neighbourhood mysteries! He’s determined to find out how twisted former Erinsborough High School teacher Finn Kelly took a tumble off a cliff and is now lying in a coma in hospital.

After noticing the strange behaviour of Finn’s ex-fiancee Bea Nilsson, now Mark’s employee at the local garage, Mark starts to suspect Bea was involved. And when he sees an emotional meltdown about Finn on neighbour Piper Willis’s vlog, his suspicions are confirmed.

Deciding his own girlfriend Elly Conway, her aunt Susan Kennedy and neighbour Xanthe Canning are all covering for Bea, Mark confronts Susan to reveal his suspicions. But he’s in for a shock when Susan confesses the women aren’t lying to protect Bea. Susan was the one who pushed Finn off the cliff and they are covering for her!

Meanwhile, as Sonya Rebecchi becomes increasingly strung-out on the pain medication nanny Alice Wells has been crushing into Sonya’s shortbread, wicked Alice decides to casually let slip to neighbour Dipi Rebecchi that she thinks former addict Sonya has started drinking again! How long before Alice’s wicked whispers spread through the neighbourhood and innocent Sonya’s reputation is ruined?

Elsewhere, Aaron Brennan and hubby David Tanaka continue to squabble about how best to look after their new goldfish, which leads to a conversation about what the couple would be like as real parents. Could Aaron and David be thinking about becoming dads?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5