Neighbours Spoilers: Mark is rocked when he makes a shock discovery about his sister, Chloe

Mark becomes certain Chloe is having an affair but has he got the wrong man in mind?

A panicking Chloe is under pressure to fix Paul’s fancy new car after her blackmailer, Brandon, badly damaged it.

She takes it to her brother Mark but he’s instantly suspicious about Chloe’s explanation and even more shocked when he discovers a discarded bra lurking on the back seat.

When he later clocks Chloe giving Paul a kiss on the cheek he’s certain his sister is having an affair with the Robinson business mogul!

Meanwhile, Sheila is pleased to have Fay Brennan back in town and her ears prick up when she learns that Steph is on the hunt for a manager for the Flame Tree Retreat. Will Steph give Sheila a break or has she got another candidate in mind?