Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson orders Terese to fire Chloe!

Paul is on the rampage over Chloe's escort-for-hire business and orders Terese to fire Chloe from her job as Executive Assistant at Lassiters

The truth is out about Chloe Brennan’s secret side business, so boss Paul Robinson orders his associate Terese Willis to sack Chloe from her job as Executive Assistant at Lassiters. Terese isn’t keen to carry out Paul’s dirty work and terminate Chloe – but she doesn’t seem to have a choice.

To distract herself, Terese decides to spend the night with secret lover Leo Tanaka at the boat. But the passionate pair is unaware that Chloe has been assigned to prepare the boat for an event the next day and she’s on her way! Are Terese and Leo about to get caught in the act?

Meanwhile, Chloe and neighbour Shane Rebecchi are both feeling the heat from their families after their secret rendezvous. However, things are not what they seem. And when Shane’s furious wife Dipi discovers why her hubby was really meeting with Chloe, will she have some apologising to do?

And Gary Canning is still looking for ways to boost profits at The Retreat so he can pay for his daughter Xanthe to go to university. But there may be a way to boost business when Shane and Dipi approach Gary with an interesting business proposal…

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5