Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson and Terese Willis kiss?

Unable to keep their forbidden feelings for each other under wraps, business associates Paul and Terese find themselves getting too close for comfort...

Terese Willis has been in a right old muddle about her feelings for business associate and former lover Paul Robinson, since her near-death experience when she was shot at The Waterhole while protecting Paul’s son, Leo Tanaka.

But having decided to give her relationship with Leo another go, Terese has been doing her best to bury her feelings for Paul.

However, when property developer Paul starts blatantly flirting with an attractive visitor to the Robinson Pines development, Terese finds herself secretly jealous and later gives Paul a lecture about his inappropriate behaviour with a client.

However, when Paul challenges Terese on why his behaviour bothers her so much, Terese finds herself caught off-guard and, in the heat of their argument, the pair find themselves getting too close for comfort…

Elsewhere, things are awkward between Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway after their bust-up. So as Elly’s hen party gets underway, Chloe tries to distract herself from her secret romantic feelings for Elly by spending time with her ex-girlfriend Mel.

And it’s not long before Mel makes a move on Chloe and the pair start getting passionate!

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan, Mel

Chloe and her ex-girlfriend Mel get passionate! (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Karl Kennedy is still reeling from Toadie Rebecchi blaming him for Toadie’s wife Sonya’s cancer diagnosis. But it doesn’t look like Toadie is done laying the blame, leading Sonya to worry her hubby isn’t coping well at all…

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