Neighbours spoilers: Piper Willis goes on her first date with Cassius Grady

Unaware he could be the mystery book underliner she's been searching for, Piper prepares to go on her first date with hunky gardener Cassius

Piper and Cassius get ready for their first date together. But things don’t go quite as planned when Piper starts talking about her ex-boyfriend Tyler… again! Honestly, with Tyler behind bars and refusing to see her, Piper would be wise to move on with her life. Could her obsession with Tyler jeopardise her new romance with Cassius?

Meanwhile, Xanthe, who played a part in getting Piper and Cassius together in the first place, later catches the gardener underlining sentences in a book. Could this mean he is the mystery book underliner who Piper has been trying to track down for ages. Maybe the mis-matched pair could be soul mates after all?

Elsewhere, there’s trouble beween Toadie and Sonya after baby Hugo’s fall. Sonya already feels guilty but Toadie just makes things worse. Later, he’s alarmed when he discovers Sonya has gone missing. Has she walked out on Toadie and their marriage?

And Sheila tries to offer granddaughter Xanthe some guidance when the student decides to pursue a career in medicine instead of nursing. But Sheila’s well-meaning advice doesn’t go down quite as planned.

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5