Neighbours spoilers: Will Sonya Rebecchi be driven back onto the bottle?

As wicked nanny Alice ramps up her plans to wreck the Rebecchi marriage, will former addict Sonya be tempted back onto the demon drink?

As Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi continue to be manipulated by the family nanny Alice Wells, they remain unaware of Alice’s secret plan to wreck Toadie’s marriage and reunite him with her daughter Andrea Somers, who is still a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

With Sonya already paranoid about the continued connection between Toadie and Andrea, who are now the parents of baby Hugo following their one-night stand, things spiral further out of control when Sonya wanders away from Ramsay Street in a confused state and gets lost.

Feeling disorientated from the withdrawal symptoms she is having after Alice secretly spiked her food and drink with painkillers, former addict Sonya experiences some dangerous cravings. So when she bumps into a crowd of Christmas revellers drinking from a bottle, will she be tempted to join in?

Meanwhile, Gary Canning is still out of work after Paul Robinson’s meddling lost him his job as spa manager at The Flametree Retreat. So when girlfriend Amy Williams offers to pay for flights so they can go and visit her son Jimmy in New York for Christmas, guilty Gary is more determined than ever to get back on his feet so he can pay his way.

Feeling guilty her dad Gary is now having money troubles because of his attempts to pay for her to go to university, his student daughter Xanthe Canning realises she needs to find a job to help out.

But she faces a dilemma when Gary’s arch-nemesis Paul offers her a job working back at the Lassiters day spa. Will she accept?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5