Toadie is over the moon to welcome Sonya and Nell back to Ramsay Street. Sonya can see how excited her best friend Steph is and says she will take Nell out for the day, so that Toadie and Sonya can have some alone time to talk about trying for another baby. When Sonya returns, though, she only wants to talk about one thing – and it’s not another baby…

Meanwhile, Karl is shocked to hear that he could be suffering from blood clots and David does his best to comfort him. Karl decides not to say anything to Susan until the ultrasound and MRI confirms whether Karl does have blood clots. Karl takes the tests and it confirms his worst fears. Karl goes home and doesn’t have the heart to tell Susan the truth about his health. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Karl is forced to admit the truth to his wife.

Also, Elly tells Shane and Dipi that a football scout is attending a game that Yashvi will be playing in and is keen to recruit Yashvi. Shane is elated by the news, but it becomes clear that Dipi doesn’t feel the same way. Will Dipi stand in the way of her daughter’s dreams?