Things are not looking good for Susan and her nieces, Elly and Bea, who have been locked in a storage container by the wicked Finn, who has slowly been getting his revenge on those he blames for his downfall. Luckily, Susan’s husband Karl and Elly’s boyfriend, Mark have teamed-up to track down the missing ladies. But will everyone survive this shock turns of events? And where is Finn?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, there’s big news for Sonya when Paul reports that his investigators have tracked down conwoman Andrea in a psychiatric unit in Tasmania! Sonya has waited months to confront the woman who almost destroyed her marriage to Toadie. But will Sonya share the news with Toadie? Or find a way to sneak off to Tasmania and confront awful Andrea herself?

And it looks like Sindi has decided to stick around after handing over baby Hugo to Toadie. But given her past track record of trouble-making, especially teaming-up with Andrea in exchange for money, can Sindi find a way to start over and get people to start trusting her again?

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