Neighbours Spoilers: Terese Willis has a surprise new intern at Lassiters!

Leo pays the price for his affair with assistant Chloe and discovers he is now the new intern at Lassiters - and boss Terese is gonna make his life hell!

Leo is regretting his sexy shenanigans with his assistant Chloe. Although Chloe got to keep her job, he’s lost all his responsibility and is now the new intern at Lassiters. And given his past clashes with boss lady Terese, it looks like she intends to make Leo’s life hell!

Meanwhile, Amy is shocked by the news Jimmy and Liam will be leaving Erinsborough straight away! But realising she can’t stand in the way of her son’s adventure in the Big Apple and the chance for him to reconnect with his dad, Amy prepares to say a tearful goodbye to Jimmy.

Elsewhere, Rita still won’t take no for an answer and offers Karl a big pay rise to run the MRI scheme at the hospital. But is there more to Rita’s plans than meet the eye?

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