Neighbours spoilers: Is Terese Willis still in love with Paul Robinson?

When her mum Terese calls out Paul's name in a confused state, Piper wonders if she's still in love with her ex-fella, Mr Robinson...

When it becomes clear Paul Robinson and his son Leo Tanaka are to blame for the arrival of Ivan and Raymond Renshaw in Erinsborough, and Terese Willis’s shooting at The Waterhole, her daughter Piper wants both men banned from visiting her mum in hospital.

However, pushing Terese’s current boyfriend Leo and her ex-fella Paul out of the picture is easier said than done, when the injured hotel manager calls out Paul’s name in a confused state while recovering from her gunshot surgery in hospital.

Piper is both confused and worried Terese still has romantic feelings for Mr Robinson, even after all the trouble he has brought into her life.

Meanwhile, Paul’s commitment to getting Terese the best medical care doesn’t go unnoticed by Jane Harris.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Will Paul and Jane’s reunion be short-lived? (Picture: Channel 5)

Former neighbours and friends Paul and Jane may have begun a romantic relationship before Christmas, but Jane quickly realises Terese still very much has a place in Paul’s heart.

As the truth about both Paul and Leo’s connection to Ivan and Raymond emerges, Jane realises Paul is never going to stop loving Terese and makes a shock decision about their future together…

Elsewhere, Delaney Renshaw is still hanging about even after all the trouble her dad Raymond and uncle Ivan have caused. So when Leo catches Delaney making a mysterious phonecall he is immediately suspicious that another deadly threat could be on its way to Erinsborough…

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