Neighbours spoilers: Is Toadie Rebecchi closer to finding Dee Bliss?

With Andrea's help, Toadie heads off to Hepburn Springs to meet Ian, the man who may have seen Toadie's long-lost wife, Dee...

Although Toadie Rebecchi was ready to send Andrea Somers packing when she recently returned to Erinsborough, he has started to wonder if there’s some truth to her claim his first wife, Dee Bliss could still be alive.

Based on the information and clues learned from Andrea’s hypnosis sessions with Dr Karl Kennedy, Toadie and Andrea head off to Hepburn Springs in search of Ian, the man who previously mistook Andrea for look-a-like “Karen” – who could be Toadie’s long lost love, Dee, believed to have drowned on the couple’s doomed wedding day in 2003.

But there’s a major setback when Ian reveals he lost touch with Karen, after she fell in love with a man and moved to South Africa with him many years ago.

With Toadie in an emotional spin over these new developments, Andrea is only too happy to comfort the confused legal eagle. But can crafty trickster Andrea really be trusted?

Neighbours, Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning

Have Gary and Kyle really put their differences aside? (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Amy Williams is worried now that her fiance Gary Canning and his son Kyle have agreed to work together on the tram renovation project.

Father and son appear to have put their differences aside, since Kyle recently declared he was still in love with ex-girlfriend Amy.

But is it just a matter of time before Gary and Kyle’s rivalry resurfaces?

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