Neighbours spoilers: Will Mark Brennan sack Bea Nilsson?

Finn's sabotage at the garage could cost girlfriend Bea her job. Will boss Mark send her packing?

Unaware her boyfriend “Patrick” stole the key to the garage from her bag and has been out causing trouble, Bea is held responsible when her boss Mark discovers a whole lot of work errors and sends her home for the day.

Bea is upset because she’s certain she was doing a good job and turns to her sister Elly, who tries to boost Bea’s spirits with a fun girls’ night out. But when Bea returns home wearing Elly’s jacket, Finn flips when he smells the familiar scent of ex-girlfriend Elly’s perfume…

Elsewhere, Toadie pulls out all the stops to try and make things right with Steph before it’s too late.

And is Mishti ready to move on from ex-boyfriend Leo when she flirts with a cute guy, Dihan, at Lassiters?

Catch Neighbours from Monday 4th June at 1:15pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5