Toadie feels betrayed after discovering his wife Sonya knows of Andrea’s whereabouts and went to visit the conwoman in a psychiatric unit in Tasmania.

However, after a pep talk from his brother Shane, shame-faced Toadie realises he’s not really in a position to be so judgemental when he’s the baby daddy of Andrea’s son, Hugo! So the pair kiss and make-up and Toadie makes the decision that the whole family should travel to Tasmania to face Andrea after everything she put them through.

Also, Elly is discharged from hospital and returns to Ramsay Street. But things are strained between Elly and her sister Bea now they know they both fell for the same crafty Finn/Patrick. Susan does her best to play peacekeeper at the Kennedy house. But with the siblings still at odds, she decides to put a call in to her sister and the gal’s mum, Liz…

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